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The Crazies – 2010

on May 1, 2012

This was kind of a lame, typical scary movie.  It was fun, and I did peek at the screen from behind my blanket at one point, so I would say it did what I wanted it to.  Basically, people in this small town have been contaminated through their drinking water, so some of them are going crazy and killing people.  The movie is about a handful of people (including the sheriff and his wife) who are trying to escape.  Like I said, it wasn’t all that original, so neither were the issues I had with it.

To start with, as with most Hollywood movies, there was not a single nonwhite person.  Nothing new there, but I think it is good to acknowledge that now and then.  Unless a movie is specifically about a certain racial group, it’s most often an extremely white cast.  There are exceptions of course, but as a general rule, it’s all about white people.  Lovely.

One thing that stood out to me about this movie is how often the sheriff told his wife, “Wait here.”  Even when all he was doing was packing supplies into a backpack.  I should also mention that she was pregnant, but not enough that you could tell.  (I did notice early in the movie that her belly was a little bigger than most leading ladies’, and wondered if that was because she was pregnant, or because she just looked like a regular person.)  So I’m not sure if he was always asking if she was okay, or telling her to just sit and wait while he did something productive because she was pregnant, or just because she was ‘his woman.’  Either way, it was really annoying. 

If it was because she was a woman, seriously?  Fuck off.  Sometimes I get it, men are often physically stronger than women, so if he’s trying to fight a bad guy, fine.  But he was packing supplies.  And she couldn’t help with that?  She couldn’t grab some water bottles and put them in a backpack?  She was too fragile for that?

If it was because she was pregnant, again I say, seriously?  I have seen very pregnant women take care of very little children.  Pick them up, feed them, discipline them, clean up after them.  I’m pretty sure a not-very pregnant woman can pack a frigging backpack.  Watching The Business of Being Born and Orgasmic Birth completely changed how I look at birth and pregnancy, and made me realize that pregnant women are often treated like sick people, when actually they are the furthest thing from sick.  I need to watch them again before I post on them, but I highly recommend them both.  

And the last thing about this movie that drove me a little nuts was the fact that women never drove.  Again, this is not at all unique to this movie.  Watch any movie or TV show, and if there are a man and a woman in a car, the man is driving.  Unless there is a reason for the woman to be driving, it is important to the story, or it is highly sexualized.  In general.  This movie is a perfect example.  At the end, the couple steals a truck and drives away from the town that has essentially been destroyed.  The sheriff drives, despite the fact that his right hand (which he needs to shift gears) recently had a knife stabbed all the way through it.  When it showed him shifting gears, I realized how painful it would have been, especially because the gear shift looked pretty stubborn and he had to push quite hard to get it to move.  His wife was not injured at all.  But she was still a woman, so I guess it would have been ridiculous to think that maybe she could have driven.


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