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The Sims 3

I just recently realized that this is basically the socially acceptable equivalent of playing Barbies for adults.  And I love it as much as I used to love playing Barbies (yes, I know there are tonnes of problems with Barbie, am I’m critical of that now).  But c’mon, it’s super fun.  And after just writing about the awful things you can do in GTA, I appreciate the Sims all the more. 

I love that your Sims can be any size and shape you want, and if you randomize, they will often be much bigger than Barbie could ever dream of being.  I love that they can be any colour – including blue.  Also, changing their colour has no bearing on their personality traits (obviously).  I love that people of different colour can be siblings or spouses or can fall in love.  I love that everyone is bisexual.  I love that men are just as likely to be family oriented as women.  I love that women can learn the handiness skill just as quickly as men.  I love that the worst thing you can do to someone is slap them.  I love that everyone has a unique set of personality traits and that when you’re playing as that person, you can choose to be nice even if you have the mean-spirited trait.  I love that women can wear thigh high boots everyday without consequence or judgement.  I love that the goal is not to make money or become powerful or kill people.

Wouldn’t it be nice if we all got to live in the Sims 3?

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